Anti Aging Lotion – Little More Than Manufacturer’s Hype? by Michelle Lee Summers

“Anti aging lotion!” is the promise of the cosmetic manufacturers. Currently, consumers spend an astonishing $2 billion dollars annually on various products and treatments that promise the fountain of youth. Expensive skin treatments line the shelves of departments stores, but in reality the results they deliver may be more psychological than in reality. After all, if you’ve just plunked down $90 for a bottle of lotion, wouldn’t you tell yourself your skin is looking much better?

Anti aging lotion is just one of a series of products designed by manufacturers to make us part with our money a little more quickly. Naturally, lotion is just one part of the equation. These same manufacturers will tell you that you will also need a cleanser, a toner, an eye cream, a night cream and a serum in their line to deal with those wrinkles starting to appear around your eyes and mouth.

Unfortunately, the properties of anti aging lotion are as much a function of their packaging than of their performance. They make vague promises to the consumer, such as “designed to diminish” and “reduce the appearance of.” Even the scientific studies the use to convince the consumer of the effectiveness of their products are often dubious in nature. Research studies by cosmetic firms generally meet the accepted gold standard of a double-blind, peer-reviewed, randomized study. It is one thing to say that a lotion improves skin tone–what kind of skin tone? In a rat, or in a 50-year-old woman?

An anti aging lotion produced by a famous, exclusive manufacturer gives no guarantee that it is a superior product to one you buy in the drug store, or even make yourself at home. You can use effective, safe natural products that are very effective at exfoliating and moisturizing the skin that deliver just as good as or better results. You can easily incorporate age-fighting lactic and salicylic acids in your homemade skin care products and use moisturizing oils like Avocado oil that penetrates deeply into the skin’s surface and moisturizes and heals from within. Cleopatra, a beauty for the ages, made extensive use of honey in her beauty routine. I say, if it’s good enough for Cleopatra, it’s certainly good enough for me. So, don’t buy into the expensive is better ploy of the manufacturers to keep your skin looking young and beautiful.

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